In brief for "ARCO TOWERS"

ARCO TOWERS is a special investment vehicle for the securitization of real estate On April 11, 2007 the Company received a license from the Financial Supervision Commission to pursue its activity as a special purpose vehicle.

ARCO TOWERS REIT is registered with a capital of BGN 500 thousand which after the mandatory initial increase reached BGN 650 thousand.

The scope of activity of the Company is fund raising through the issuance of securities and the purchase of real estate and real estate rights, construction and improvement, in order to provide them for management, rental, leasing or lease and / or the subsequent their sale.

Investment policy

Pursuant to the Articles of Association of ARCO TOWERS REIT, adopted at the Constituent Meeting of the Company as of 15.02.2007, its investment objectives are:

• Increasing the value of investments and obtaining current income in controlling the risk, including through diversification of the real estate portfolio;

• maintaining and increasing the market price of the shares issued by the Company;

• providing current income to shareholders in the form of a cash dividend;

• realization of profit from the increase in the value of real estate through their subsequent sale;

• Providing liquidity for the investment of the shareholders by accepting the Company's shares for trading on a regulated market.

According to the Articles of Association, ARCO TOWERS REIT can invest in all types of real estate (land and buildings) as well as in the construction and commissioning of new buildings on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, including but not limited to:

1. commercial and commercial properties: shops, warehouses, business and office buildings, including adjacent plots, land plots, parking lots and / or garages and equipment;

2. properties with hotel use: hotels, boarding houses, resorts and villas, including the adjacent plots, terrains, parking places and / or garages and equipment;

3. residential properties: apartments, dormitories, houses, villas, including adjoining parcels, terrains, parking spaces and / or garages and equipment;

4. properties with sport and / or entertainment purpose;

5. agricultural land.

The Company's strategy envisages investing in real estates that meet the requirements of the Statute of ARCO TOWERS REIT in order to obtain current income from rent, lease, right of use and sales of these properties in order to form stable income. To achieve its primary objective, the Company may apply appropriate strategies to protect against market and currency risk.